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Who is using Open Govt Data?


Hi there

I’m an Aussie, currently based in London. I’m doing a Masters at the LSE and one of my subjects this term focuses on Data Governance.

For my essay, I’m looking to explore how Open Govt Data is being used in Aus. While there’s lots of information available on the data that is available in Aus, and how that compares to other countries, it appears to be quite difficult to find information on who is using the data, and how.

Obviously the website has some use cases. In addition, the OpenData 500 project gives some insight into how the private sector is using the data made available on this site.

I’m wondering if there are any other sources of information about the use of Open Govt Data in Aus?

Thanks in advance


Hi Thea

Here’s some info from PMC. Also ACT and QLD have some open data goodness for you.

All the best with the studies and give my regards to the old dart ! (I’m a pom originally, better now I’m an Aussie…lol)

Jenni Atkinson


Hi Thea, I also recommend the Open Government Partnership info below:

Good luck with the report :slight_smile:


Maybe of interest…


GovHack is another good resource.
I was a tech lead for local gov / open data for a while. Data usage was a big unknown so good luck.


Thanks Troy

Yes! I find the absence of information about data usage really strange! Interesting to know that you found that a challenge in a professional context too (i.e. it’s not just an academic question)


Thanks Debbie

This is great - lots of stuff in here to explore.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!



This is great - thanks Jenni!

Will send London your regards :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to respond - much appreciated.



Thanks all for the great responses!
I agree, GovHack is a really good indicator, even if it is somewhat shaped by the challenges set by govt/sponsors.

@theasnow, we’ve really struggled with balancing the need to make data open and accessible against the needs of publishers to understand who’s finding their data valuable and for what purpose.
At the moment we really just have quantitative usage metrics, and they’re anonymous.

We’re starting to explore ways that we might provide more detailed information to publishers, without getting in the way of the principles of openness.

So let me throw this open to the community: How comfortable would you be sharing information about what you do with any open data, with the publishers of that data?


One interesting use case you could explore is the Australian Renewable Energy Authority’s Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure(

There is a lot of interesting work being done using Open Government Geospatial data, including PSMA’s G-NAF (Geocoded National Address File) at (


Thanks for this. I’m really interested to see what response you get to this question!


Thanks Patrick - will check those out.