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Where can we list DTA's / cross-agency research opportunities?


Hey fellow designers and researchers, my product team’s currently recruiting participants for some card sorting studies and I wondered, ‘do we [DTA] (or better still, our broader agency community) have a place to list opportunities for others to opt-in to user research?’ Potential recruits being other APS staff and sometimes segments from the general public.

If we were able to post opportunities publicly in a place where other research was advertised, we’d still screen participants to ensure they meet the study criteria, where applicable, perhaps in the form of a pre-qualifying survey.

I’m keen to know if there’s some kind of listing system in the works, or an already well-established that my team may be able to use.

For something more comprehensive and less scatter-gun in approach, I quite like ATO’s beta research and Bureau of Meteorology’s opt-in processes, especially because they’re hooked up to email subscription lists/CRMs with self-select preferences that potential participants can use to be sent future studies of interest/applicable to them.

Of course, with any of these systems you’re going to attract people who like research. But casting a wider net would be one of a few measures we take to reduce over-communicating to the same, dear APS staff for our studies.


Not sure if this helps, but we are using for recruitment on


I’m from the ATO and had passed on your positive comments regarding to our Beta research team. I also suggested they could connect with you and maybe share some learning’s. They’d like to touch base with you. Not sure of the protocols for sharing contacts but if you could send me your email address I can forward it.


Hi Peter- I am on the Service Experience team at the Department of Industry Innovation and Science. We would be keen also on connecting with ATO Beta to share experiences!


Hi Chris, can you forward your email address to me… and I’ll send to the Beta team? thanks


Just sent you an email @peter :slight_smile: