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Communities of practice

What software tools are you using?

A lot of departments use Selenium to cover unit, integration and functional testing.

However, what other tools are you using?

Here is a few tools we use during development:
Accessibility benchmarking - SortSite
Accessibility benchmarking - AXE plugin
Security benchmarking - Zed Attack Proxy
AI user journey validation -

In Employment -

Functional UI testing - Selenium
Service layer (API/WCF) - Bespoke framework that generates and submits JSON and XML files

We don’t have automated accessibility testing yet (@rossmullen might find this thread interesting…)
We don’t yet use any kind of AI tool.

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how is it you’ve been using AXE plugin, as a browser extension, or integrated into Selenium?

Hi Ross,

As a browser extension for manual testing of individual pages in our Devel environment.
AXE-CLI with Jenkins as an additional check for UAT deployment. See -

I hope that helps.