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We've updated our starter pack


Hi friends!

We released an updated version of our starter pack yesterday. The new starter pack has components from the design system put together into a basic page template and includes our new side navigation component.

It also comes with some npm scripts to allow you to get a local development server up and running quickly, so you can start prototyping your site or service in minutes.

The starter pack is a work in progress, and as always, we welcome suggestions and improvements from the community.

Perhaps most importantly, we need your help to pick an emoji for the GitHub repository. We’ve shortlisted a few of our favourite options below👇, but if you have any other suggestions please add them in the thread!

  • :zap:️ (lightning bolt)
  • :sparkles: (sparkles)
  • :rocket: (rocket)
  • :running_woman: (runner)

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I suggest a chest of gold emoji.


:wink: ah…gold.


Other suggestions:


Thanks for all the great suggestions!

With 50% of the vote, we’ve decided to go ahead with the :rocket: emoji.

I know you’ll all sleep soundly tonight knowing that we’ve come to an agreement on such an important issue :slight_smile: