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Communities of practice

Communities of practice


I would like to welcome everyone to the Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) community of practice.

We want to see you all get the most out of this community and welcome suggestions on topics of interest, format, frequency etc. So please reach out with your suggestions.

The DTA has established a Community of Practice (CoP) to help agencies make the best use of conversational user interface technology (including chatbots and virtual assistants). It’s intended to be a practical and collegiate forum, with a focus on working together to share learnings and address common challenges.

The community draws attention to and emphasises better practices in the adoption and management of this technology across government. It provides a vehicle to exchange ideas, methodologies and lessons learned among those responsible for strategy and implementation matters relating to conversational user interface technology.
You can use this community to engage with other community members, ask questions and post your experiences. The more we all contribute on here the better the community will become.

While this is a closed forum and operates on an invite only basis, this is a SaaS platform and should not be used to host sensitive information or material.

In-person community meetups will be held regularly and we will post upcoming dates on this forum.

Finally, this community is what we make it, so I encourage all members to engage and contribute to discussion in this space.

Why not create a new topic and introduce yourself!