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Welcome to the Visual scribe Tribe

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Hi tribe!

Can we talk about how we might share and give feedback to each other? Some ideas are kicking around about how to seek, give and receive feedback on our scribes in a way that supports constructive learning.

One idea:

  • Feedback Thread: We create a thread in this community for seeking feedback, and anyone can upload a scribe asking for feedback, then anyone from the group can add comments and suggestions in reply.

Please add any other ideas in reply :slight_smile:

(and sorry, I don’t know how to ‘ping’ people in here and I’ve probably missed some members of the tribe!)

@belinda.hogg , @max.harman, @claire.lenehan, @india.anderson , @john.alley , @nicole.murphy, @pat.morgan, @serena.lai, @Visual-scribe

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I like this idea Emma! I’m new to this style of community so not sure whether that might get unwieldy at some point but it’s nice to have a special place to go for feedback. Another thing I’ve seen groups do on facebook is specify whether they are posting just to share or to seek advice. As long as wherever or however we do this, it’s really clear what the poster is expecting. No one likes getting advice when it’s totally unsolicited! It can take the wind out of the sails a bit.

In art school the way we approached crits was very specific. We always had to start whatever commentary we were making with something we liked about the work like “I love how you used complimentary colours as your highlights”, and any suggestions had to be constructive. Like, “it can make the drawing look more cohesive if the shadows are down the one side, instead of across the page.” Or “a little bit more pressure on your pen could make your strokes look more confident”. Even better if you say something like “I find x helps with y”, or “have you tried x”, because sometimes the thing you are critiquing was an intentional choice, and this allows the person to feel like your suggestion is just that, a suggestion. But advice is VERY personal and some people will hate this approach.

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The rule we’ve generally used in writing groups for feedback is the sandwich method - it has to start and end with things that are good, then you can put the things that you didn’t like in the middle. Also - you couch in terms of ‘this didn’t work for me because…’.

And in receiving feedback - everyone has their opinion and you won’t please everyone, so you don’t need to take every bit of feedback onboard. But where there’s a pattern of feedback emerging - there’s something you need to look at.

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There is a feedback space already created :slight_smile:

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Ah! awesome! thanks Belle!!

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