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Communities of practice

Communities of practice

Welcome to our Cross-discipline Community of Practice

The Service Design in Government and Content Design in Government Google Groups are moving to this platform at tomorrow on Tuesday 10 September 2019 .

We surveyed community members to help us understand their needs and preferences in setting the new community spaces. The results showed:

  • 60% of people wanted the groups to remain closed, available only to people with a government email address
  • 40% of people wanted to open the groups to allow anyone to join

Based on these results, the Content Community of Practice and Design and Research Community of Practice groups will only be open to people with a government email address.

Read more findings and insights in the attached deck (Communities of Practice survey findings). Communites of Practice Survey Results August 2019.pptx (1.5 MB)

New cross-discipline community of practice

Due to the interest in open discussion and to support collaboration across disciplines we are experimenting with a third community of practice.

The Cross-discipline Community of Practice will be open to everyone to join – no government email address required – to talk about common issues and problems for anyone working in or with an interest in digital disciplines. Topics could include strategies for how different disciplines collaborate, agile and ways of working, and how different roles approach using the Digital Service Standard.

Please let your colleagues know, including any product managers, delivery managers and developers.

The Communities of Practice code of conduct, privacy policy, and terms of service applies to all communities. Advertising and solicitation is banned.

We are keen to see if this new community will make it easier for government to work together and encourage collaboration across the sectors.


Hi Krista - thank you for inviting me to this group. I am very much looking forward to the conversations.