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Web application

Hi everyone

We are at the stage of designing an internal web application, possibly with some external users too.

I have been looking at the design system, I find most of the components are designed for the building web pages (correct me if I am wrong), I also looked at the showcases and couldn’t find any example of web applications.

Any one has any good example of the cool web apps using DTA components you can show?


Hi TakChun!

Do you know what sort of components you are looking at using?

Design System does not have all the components that you could find in say a framework like Material Design. But Design System can certainly still be used for guidance, particularly when modifying component styles and underlying component code to improve accessibility. :slight_smile:



Most of the apps I’ve seen are internal and closed source.

I guess you could call the DTA Cloud Assessment tool as a webapp.
i.e. it isn’t just content on a page

Hi @TakChun,

I assume by now you’ve moved past design, but it’d still be good to learn about what you used or found missing from the DS.

There are form components that you can definitely use in a web app, but the design system on its own is not opinionated about e.g. framework, router, state, etc etc, nor are there templates or component patterns (yet).

Would love to know more about what you wanted to see.