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Visualising content - Visual scribe in government

Hi everyone! I am Belle from the Digital Squads team at the DTA (previously Health and DHS) and have always wanted a place where people can share and learn about synthesising and visualising.

This is me:
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Hi Belle
I am with you on that. Last year and this year I have been delivering some training workshop in the ICT group of Services Australia to do exactly this with our ICT colleagues.

I love your work and what you have done in all of your postings in the APS.


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Hi Belle,
Love the video! I’m also a visual scribe - just started with Defence. So many opportunities to aide collaboration, comms & engagement!



Belle! I got a shock seeing my face in the community this morning. That was such a fun interview.

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Hi Lynne! So good to hear that!

haha we had a good chat didn’t we! Love all the creatives coming together

Hi Max thanks for our cacthup the other day - we have lots to collab on into the future :slight_smile:

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