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Visualising content - Visual scribe in government

Hi everyone! I am Belle from the Digital Squads team at the DTA (previously Health and DHS) and have always wanted a place where people can share and learn about synthesising and visualising.

This is me:

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Hi Belle
I am with you on that. Last year and this year I have been delivering some training workshop in the ICT group of Services Australia to do exactly this with our ICT colleagues.

I love your work and what you have done in all of your postings in the APS.


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Hi Belle,
Love the video! I’m also a visual scribe - just started with Defence. So many opportunities to aide collaboration, comms & engagement!



Belle! I got a shock seeing my face in the community this morning. That was such a fun interview.

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Hi Lynne! So good to hear that!

haha we had a good chat didn’t we! Love all the creatives coming together

Hi Max thanks for our cacthup the other day - we have lots to collab on into the future :slight_smile:

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Have your say in the visual community survey today…

Thankyou :slight_smile:

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Happy new year!

Thankyou so much to all of those who responded to the survey. We had 36 responses which have helped to inform next stages. We have sent emails out to all of those who indicated they were interested.

Due to your enthusiasm our intention for 2021 is to initiate:
• A Community of Practice collaborative website
• A monthly online ‘meetup’

The proposed date for our first ‘Visual Scribe Tribe’ meetup is Friday 5th February, 3pm.

  • Belle & Max