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Visual Scribing 101 - Basics for Beginners (Virtual)

I wanted to say a huge thank you to @belinda.hogg for running the Visual Scribing 101 - Basics for Beginners (Virtual) course yesterday. I found it on APS Learn and was lucky to get a last minute seat.

It was a brilliant introduction to Visual Scribing. Belle shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with us all. below are my notes from the course. I really enjoyed learning about visual scribing, especially how to draw the cutest little stick people!

As a new user, I can only embed one bit of media in a post, so here’s my stick people!


@Michael I am so pleased to see you here in the Visual Scribe Tribe community. Would you like me to add you to the meet-ups? Great work at the APS Academy course, I have changed your sharing ability so please post more - I would love to see your final scribe we did live!
P.s - love the profile drawing!!!

Thank you! It’d be great to be added to the meet-ups.
The profile pic drawing was one I did during the session, just added colour :slight_smile:

Here are the rest of my scans - I haven’t had a chance to tidy them up/polish them yet so these are “as is” from the day.

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Thanks Michael! Your icons are amazing!
Keep it up, loving seeing this so much!