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Vehicle Data API (Make, Model & Year)


I noticed that major online auto products retailers, such as, Repco, Supercheap Auto etc. are able to get vehicle information simply by using the vehicle registration number. I am sure they are using some commercial (pay-per-use) system.

Just wondering when will the general public have access to some basic vehicle info, such as, make, model and year by providing just the rego. A national API should be made available, similar to GNAF (I know GNAF is a database).

I have a website that provides a free service, request used car parts from wreckers, and it would be so much easier for a user to simply enter their car rego to autoload make, model and year rather than having to enter this information manually.


I think you’re looking for the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System? Please check with them and report back here on how you went.

You’re right though, there are several private companies that expose an API over that dataset that I’m sure many other companies are utilizing :slight_smile:

Thanks but I knew about NEVDIS already. I don’t think they would even bother to reply to any requests about APIs from individuals like myself.

The only hope is to perhaps start a petition on or some similar platform and get people to sign it.

Not sure about other states, but as a start, NSW does offer this to the general public: Registration check (

Have you tried’s Suggest a data set?