The User Research behind the design system, and this CoP

Greeting from an Australian in Brussels, where I am helping the EU Commission build the Knowledge4Policy (K4P) platform, whch is just out of beta. This is my first post here, sorry for its length.

As its name suggests, K4P is all about evidence-based policymaking, so we are (more or less obliged!) to design and build it based on solid audience research. When we set out, we were unable to find any audience research focused on:

  • bridging the science-policy gap
  • what either scientists or policymakers want from websites like K4P in general, and from online communities in particular

… so we did some ourselves.

However, we would love to see more, and best practices. So I’d be very grateful if anyone can point us to:

  • audience research
  • and/or best practices
  • relevant to evidence-based policymaking - ie, reflecting the preferences of scientists and/or policymakers
  • particularly concerning communities of practice (particularly supporting scientists) or communities of interest bringing together scientists and policymakers

Many thanks. I look forward to discovering this community.


Hi @MathewLowry, welcome to the community. I am going to move this topic to the research area. They are much more knowledgeable than I am for these topics.

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Didn’t seem to help. I guess noone has any actual audience research or best practices to share? Shame.

PS we continue to share with our latest post on Medium - Designing Knowledge4Policy - in case anyone’s interested.

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