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The Design System's not dead

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I’m the new product manager for Design System.

Our primary goal is to make the design system simpler, clearer and faster to implement, for a wider range of products and projects.

As you might have seen, we’re hiring a permanent developer to help grow and maintain DS, and we’re working on getting a senior interaction designer on to the team, with both people hopefully starting in about a month.

With that in mind, our current roadmap looks something like:


  • Recruitment


  • Component updates (patching, etc)
  • Discovery research


  • Templates/patterns
  • Ease of adoption

We need your help

As you can see, one of the most important things we need to do is to kick start our research processes. So if you use DS, or don’t but would like to, or if you just have thoughts or questions about it, we’d love to talk to you.
The best way to do that is to email us at

Hope to talk to you soon!



The components and templates developed here are great.
Two questions on behalf of anyone like myself who does not have a design or developer background.

  1. Where can it be used/what types of systems platforms?
    Can they be used for the purposes of an internal intranet, specifically the SharePoint Platform (2016)?
  2. Who needs to deploy them? A designer/developer?
    If searching internally for someone who can help, what skills/qualifications should I be looking for?

Many thanks

Hi Qassie,

The design system is for custom developed web based systems, most systems running in a browser and developed internally would be the sort of applications that benefit from the design system. Although the HTML and CSS can be adapted for use in SharePoint, it would only be at best a theme, it may look like coming from the design system but it’s really just a freshened look.

The benefit of the design system is the CSS and the HTML markup used together. This has all of the accessibility benefits and interaction design best practice applied and ready to go.

Unfortunately with SharePoint and other similar proprietary systems there’s reduced opportunity to apply the design system easily, the CSS may be able to be applied, but not the HTML.

Developers, especially frontend developers are generally the people with suitable skills to apply the design system. However anyone who is familiar with web design techniques should be able to use the components by downloading them from the download page.

But that being said if anyone is having difficulties using the design system, leave a message here as we (Design System team) or someone else in the community may have already identified a solution or workaround.