Templates for legal pages on websites - copyright, privacy, accessibility, disclaimer

Does anyone know if there are any whole-of-government type templates for these dull but necessary pages on every government website?

If so, please point me in the right direction! Many thanks.

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Are the current ones that exist on the DTA and ATO sites suitable for your purposes? Taking into consideration that the components do need to go through the necessary process before release, you might also find something if you subscribe to the Digital Style Manual Private Beta (where I am hoping to find information on contact form details).

This information isn’t universal so it’s not cut-and-paste. Each of these should vary depending on the information and services you’re offering. I can imagine a ‘legals generator’ or wizard but not a simple template.

Thanks Michael and Brian.

Michael, that’s what I have been doing - looking at other examples and trying to put something logical together. However, I’m not a lawyer and I wondered if some templates existed. I feel like I’m guessing a bit.

Brian, while it’s true the information is not the same for each service, there are a lot of similarities so I wondered if a starting template existed, that I could modify accordingly. Seem like there isn’t, which is good to know.

Thank you both :slight_smile:

Sounds like a candidate for:


Hi Jennifer, so would it be correct to assume that there isn’t a ‘Legal team’ that is associated with the department or unit that you are working with who can provide advice on such matters? I agree with Brian that the copy comes down to the types of information and services that you are using or providing, although there should be some common guideline to help web teams formulate this.

Hi Michael,

There is a legal team, but turnaround time is an issue. The willingness of legal teams to embrace plain language also varies, in my limited experience.

These pages seem to say pretty similar things across different government sites, so I wondered if there was a template I wasn’t aware of. It seems not.

I am drafting something that makes sense to me and will then run that past the lawyers.

Thanks again to everyone for your input :slight_smile:

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