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Subscription form - prevent mischief?


in signing up to this forum I was asked to action an ‘Activation email’ that was an authentication step, great, common-sense.

If I want to point this out in writing to someone as ‘a requirement’ can anyone suggest what, where?

I know there are broad references to this but they are not specific requirements. What I can see here at work is a form that ‘anyone’ may be subscribed to using email as it doesn’t have authentication step.

I’ve looked at these:

5. Make it secure | Digital Transformation Agency

“identify appropriate authentication methods that are as seamless as possible to the user”

Spam Act → Spam Act 2003

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)

But nothing that specifies a pattern.

If this was an ‘unsubscribe’ question I’m sure I could find something.

TIA, Chris.