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Communities of practice

Styled list - Numbered (ordered)

myGov Beta component

The styled list is designed to sit in a grey container with the 2-tone blue bar on top.

The numbered (ordered) list has 2 variations:

  • Blue numbers, with secondary indented numbers in grey
  • White numbers in blue circles, with secondary indented numbers in grey

Rationale for submission:

Extension of ‘Lists’.

Blue numbers help visually differentiate from the text in the list items.

Numbers in blue circles provide more visual prominence if required. This works particularly well to explain steps the user has to take.

UX owner: N/A
VD owner: Tamati Currie

InVision link:

See ‘Information you’ll need’ and ‘This is a numbered list’:



Sketch file:
DTA-16-Styled list-Numbered (ordered).sketch (280.3 KB)