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Communities of practice

Sprint 122 - Review


Hi folks,

Quick review of what happened last sprint.

  1. Outreach - city deals pre-discovery, blog posts, beginning organisation for next open data meet-up
    We decided that the best approach for our involvement with councils is to go through a short discovery process with them. This will include interviews, followed by hands on workshops, at which we’ll aim to discover pain points and build a shared understanding of the challenges being faced.
    Sadly we didn’t get to the blog posts, but we do have drafts ready to go, and we’ll be aiming to publish this coming sprint.
    We posted about the next open data meet-up, and we’ll be looking into other channels to continue the promotion, as well as opening up tickets.

  2. Service Blueprint - wrapping up user interviews and synthesis
    We finished up the last of around 25 user interviews, covering a wide range of publishers and consumers of data. We want to thank everyone who participated for helping give us a thorough view of how you work with open data!
    We’ve synthesised these interviews into general themes of “Engage”, “Educate”, “Use” and “Develop”, and have populated publisher and consumer service blueprints based on these findings.

  3. MAGDA Post-launch - Geoscience CSW harvester config, maintenance page, inaccurate 404 results, star ratings de-prioritised
    We’ve mapped the Geoscience CSW metadata to MAGDA, and will be moving their harvester from CKAN to MAGDA.
    We’ve added a maintenance page to MAGDA, so that if there is any downtime, we’ll be able to better convey what’s happening to you.
    Star ratings have been re-labelled from “Open Data Quality” to “Linked Data Quality”, which is closer to the original intent behind the Tim Berners-Lee 5-star rating that we’re using.

Last, but not least thanks very much to Greg from the ACT Government for his time and valuable input at our sprint review!

If you’d like to join our team when we “Show the thing”, and provide any feedback or input into how we work and what we’re working on, please get in touch with us,

Next sprint review will be: 2019-02-19, 9:30-10:30 am

:heart: DTA Open Data team
Gordon, Bec, Alex, Gavin