Sentinel2 near-real-time satellite imagery

Sentinel2 near-real-time imagery available now on National Map!

This data is composed of Sentinel2 A and B satellite imagery and is intended to display multiple day-by-day views of Australia for current and historical purposes.

There are over 15 different Styles you can render; everything from Simple RGB’s to Spectral Bands to Normalised Indexes such as:

  • Simple RGB (also known as ‘True Colour’)
    Shows the satellite data as a human observer would see it, a natural colour rendition of red, green and blue wavelengths.
  • False Colour - Green, SWIR, NIR
    The opposite of true colour; False colour is often a ‘remix’ of natural colours and the invisible spectrum. This style shifts the shortwave and near-infrared spectrums so dense vegetative areas appear green.
  • Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) - Red, NIR
    NDVI is the most well known and used vegetation index. It is a simple, but effective index for quantifying green vegetation. The NDVI normalizes green leaf scattering in the near-infrared wavelength and chlorophyll absorption in the red wavelength. Useful for examining drought-affected areas.
  • Normalised Difference Water Index (NDWI) - Green, SWIR
    NDWI is an index to extract water bodies from satellite imagery. The NDWI is useful for viewing bodies of water and assessing flood impact areas.