Seeking career tips to become a content designer

Hi all,
For anyone who’s already in or has previously been in a content designer role, do you have any tips or recommend any study or courses that will help pursue this career? I have already got a Bachelor of Arts so looking for anything additional that will help me stand out.

Do you think that study in web design or development would be helpful?

Any tips or examples, recommended sites or pathways you have to share would be great.


Not sure how much this will help, but from a UX design perspective you could look at it in one of two ways:

  1. Be a ‘generalist’ in content design, i.e. produce content that is a combination of copy (wear the UX copywriter hat) and imagery (visual design) but apply the usual HCD and Agile methodology to fit in the bigger picture.

  2. Be a ‘specialist’ in content design, i.e. produce more immersive content like infographics or data visualization (that can also be interactive) and apply the usual HCD and Agile methodology etc.

There are a number of online courses relating to data journalism, data science and communication that will provide exposure to theory or practice, but I don’t know anything specifically related to content design as a course.

I think the more you can develop your own experiences and methodology as a UX designer, the easier it will be to adapt it to move sideways in your career. Or else you can try and make a bigger leap from a graphic/visual designer to a content designer as well. Good luck!

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Link to one of the courses I mentioned, Data Journalism and Visualization
with Free Tools
from Knight Centre for Journalism in the Americas.

It will give you an idea of the type of content covered in the course, and also the types of tools and techniques taught.

I’m (slowly) working my way through this course, it’s great so far.

My team had a similar discussion a while ago. This is some of what we came up with.

You sound like you’re already familiar with Sarah Richards’ book on content design?

Content and digital skills

  • writing and editing (for web, plain English, tone, grammar, copyediting, structural editing, proofreading)
  • accessibility
  • user research
  • HTML
  • SEO
  • UX
  • data analysis
  • data visualisation
  • information architecture
  • design, image editing

See the APS learning design standards for content design.

Some courses to develop these skills

Keep an eye on workshops from Content Design London, they do ones in Aus too


edX – web accessibility

lynda[dot]com – information architecture, see also their learning paths

Online digital content, NSW gov

Where do you learn HTML and CSS in 2019?

Institute of Professional Editors workshops

UX Writers Collective


Readability guidelines community

SA government’s online accessibility toolkit

GatherContent (see their resources too)

Content Strategy

A list apart (they publish some great books too)


This is super helpful. Thanks so much

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Great suggestions here.

Depending on where you’d like to work, content design might be an option to explore through the APS Digital Graduate Program

There are content strategy meetups running in most cities (for example, that would be useful to content designers too.

Also, the Content + UX slack:


Hi Kimberly

Digital Accessibility skills are becoming increasingly valued as essential for quality content. Free online course launched by W3C: W3C launches an Introduction to Web Accessibility free online course in cooperation with UNESCO IITE

@kimberly.lennard Just saw this

Thanks Mike