Roadmap templates or concepts

Seeking ideas, concepts or templates for a program roadmap.

Ultimately I’m seeking to develop a tool that helps staff and clients connect delivery with vision, showing the evolution of an ecosystem and why it matters for them.

Up till now we’ve been running our program using a “roadmap” that is essentially a schedule of milestones, showing dates/time across the top and projects/program components on the left axis, with bars spanning horizontally to indicate when activities start and finish and when milestones are to be delivered.

We want to employ something more akin to a visual roadmap, that shows the light-on-the-hill end state vision, the cumulative achievements along the way to which each milestone contributes, and what this means for clients.

In the past we’ve developed a visual showing a winding road with road signs depicting key milestones and events, and this has resonated well with staff and stakeholders. Now we’re after something similar but that allows perhaps a little more complexity and professionalism.

I’d love to hear of ideas or concepts you may have used or seen used. Thanks!


Hi Adam,

I have seen projects using infographics to communicate complex ideas in a government environment:

Visual communication pieces like this can be created in-house, or you can use online tools like Icograms 3D ( to create something that looks more sophisticated.

You might find some of the templates showcased suitable for what you are planning to do:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


A colleague posted the following on our internal Yammer from fintech startup Up:

I particularly like the thematic nature and the way it shows dependencies. Not too sure what tech powers the back end though.


I really like the spring up tree. Has given me some ideas on a presentation that I am pulling together. Thanks for posting.

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@agil this is a really good reference of the same design patterns used by computer games in their skill tree (more examples here) .

I believe that it usually requires customization of either a file tree or a graph UI, which can be done in visualization libraries such as processing.js or d3.js.