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Roadmap discussion

This topic is for discussing the direction of the Design System.

The Design System is a living, continually evolving set of tools. Our development priorities are guided by the community. So it’s to everyone’s advantage to make sure that all of this is as transparent as possible.


I’m enjoying seeing the component-level work come together. It feels like the next approach worth exploring may be multi- or single-page-level templates that combine several components with placeholder text to demonstrate commonly-used templates across the Australian Government.

Common templates that could benefit those implementing GOLD could include:

  • Media release
  • Annual reports
  • Service listing
  • Event
  • Policy
  • Blog posts
  • Multi-step application form
  • FAQ
  • Information page
  • Search results listings
  • Home page
  • Publication landing page
  • Glossary

(These templates may eventually warrant their own sub-threads inside a broader ‘Templates’ category)


Templates are certainly on our radar.

@gary.broadbent has identified about 4 types of sites in the APS:
1 - Content/Info (ATO DTA)
2 - Campaigns (Quit smoking)
3 - Products (GovCMS, GOLD)
4 - Transactions (Apply for Centrelink )

In terms of templates, we’re thinking of the following as the basics (a number of which are in your list) before we jump into more specific use cases:

Documentation website Think ATO or DTA
– Homepage
– Content page
– Basic form
– Search result

Campaign website Think
– Homepage
– Content page

– News/blog
– News/blog listing

However, once the documentation site is launched, we’ll be doing a lot of learning and iterating based on how well it’s delivering value to our users. We expect that we’ll need to make adjustments to how we present information to users to make it more clear what the design system is, who it’s designed for, and why they could benefit from using it.


There’s 2 parts to this, first ‘page templates’ as outlined above. Second ‘Service patterns’ witch are guidelines for building a services, I’d really like to align pages and service patterns when we kick off this work.

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I’d like to see further discussion on page transitions and accessibility. Full-page refreshes are straight forward and generally don’t affect any accessibility but partial page reloads do. Perhaps an explanation of when would be good situations to reload the whole page vs part of the page, and if people do choose the partial page reloads then an understanding that greater accessibility support is required with aria live regions etc and controlling the screen focus.


Hey @rossmullen, what a great suggestion!

Currently we are focusing on components, patterns and templates. This is broader than all of those.

To me this feels like best practice implementation of the design system. This may be better suited for an article, as we are currently only providing the patterns and the implementation will vary throughout different agencies.

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Hi, Thanks for the great initiative to create reusable components. Is there any plans to create angular JS component support?

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Good suggestion @HentryH, and one we’ve had from multiple people.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough people to support another JavaScript framework — we currently maintain raw-JavaScript, jQuery, and ReactJS — so it’s unlikely to appear on the roadmap in the short term. If you or anyone else would like contribute Angular components please reach out. :+1:

There are a lot of things on the todo list (components, templates, documentation, etc.).

Is there any plan of attack to prioritise these things, including some ballpark timeframes?

Is there any significant contribution coming in from outside the DTA?

Hi @rooby, we do have a prioritised list on our GitHub project board in the “Upcoming Epics” column.

The list is in priority order based but is subject to change as we receive input from the community.

After reading your comment I noticed that we didn’t have any dates associated with each epic. We’ve added expected delivery dates to the top several epics to give people a rough idea of when we expect different items to be released.

It’s worth noting that this GItHub project is our first attempt to open up our project board and roadmap to the community and we’re open to feedback as to how well it is or isn’t working to keep everyone in the loop.

Re: external contributions, we’ve received a number of valuable pull requests in GitHub from folks outside of the DTA and a lot of positive conversations are happening in the forum around some of the “in progress” components, but the bulk of the development work on the design system is still being done within the DTA.

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That’s great, thanks for the info.

Hey all,

We’ve added a page on doc site that sums up our roadmap for the year. This is open to change as we receive input from the community, so feel free to share your thoughts :slight_smile:


Thanks, @sukhraj.ghuman -

The summary roadmap is a useful improvement.

Would it be worth adding the link to the detailed roadmap on GitHub to that page as well?


@gordon.grace yes thats a valid point. I’ve added a ticket. Will update tomorrow