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Communities of practice

ResearchOps townhall 23rd October


You’ll have heard of DevOps? But what about ResearchOps?

A group of researchers from around the world, public and private sector have been running workshops to understand - what is research ops? Some of the key people behind the work: Kate Towsey, Brigette Mezler and Emma Boultoun, are doing a playback back of what we’ve learned so far. This will done online. It will also be recorded for people who can’t dial in. If you want to hear more, you can sign up for the free online event at:



Thanks for posting this Ruth. Unfortunately I missed the event but you mentioned that it would be recorded. Do you have a link to the recording? (I dont see anything linked about recordings on their Twitter). I would love to watch the discussions.


Hi Simon,
we’re working on uploading the the ResearchOps vimeo account. I’ll post the link as soon as we’ve done that :slight_smile: