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Recommendation for a metadata element(s) to store legislation that a dataset relates

I have several datasets that are either specifically mentioned in legislation or are used to support legislation / policy decisions.
I would like my users to be able to search the data for those datasets that are legislated in X Act and Part or recommended to be used for policy decisions. Probably should separate these two purposes.
QUESTION: is there specific metadata data elements in ISO that could be used to record this?
Has anyone else recorded this in their metadata if so where / how?


Could a schema like this be integrated into spatial metadata ISO19115?

is there a recommended schema?

Or like the following:

Hi Warwick,

Two ISO standards I can recommend for recording policy data information are ISO-11179 and ISO-21667.

  • ISO-11179 is a metadata registry standard for recording the conceptual ideas about data and has been extended to capture data set specifications (a more generic idea of a data schemas). This is especially suited to legislation as it can capture metadata about data that will be recorded in future, as well as recording metadata about data that already exists
  • ISO-21667 is a health informatics standard that defines performance indicator frameworks and outcome areas. Again, well suited for data defined in legislation as the legislation will often record why the data is collected, and what outcomes is seeks to achieve. For example, we collect “waiting times at hospitals” (data) so we can “reduce waiting times” (indicator), so we can “improve access to health services” (an outcome).

We’ve implemented these standards within the Aristotle Metadata Registry, and are providing metadata systems across the public sector, specifically focusing on metadata for policy and legislative purposes.

Below is an example you can look at that captures information about Centerlink Customer Identity that may be of use. And if you’d like I can get in contact with one of our customers from the NSW Government to provide more context.

If you have any further questions, please reply or email me at