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Hi. Has anyone done any user research around the quick exit | Hide this page buttons that they can share with us? PM me for contact details please.




Also, when my ex-colleagues and I built the nationalredress.gov.au we opted for a clickwrap modal that only appears on first load as (from memory) we didn’t want our users to feel a false sense of security that a “quick exit” button would provide.


Id also be interested in this as it has recently come up in one of our redesign focus groups, specifically around the ability to hide in case of domestic violence.

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I recall two examples of the quick exit concept I came across during work in a previous role at DJAG:


There’s been quite a lot of research done in Queensland to develop the Domestic and Family Violence “portal” https://www.qld.gov.au/community/getting-support-health-social-issue/support-victims-abuse/domestic-family-violence - I wasn’t directly involved in the creation of this but I can put you in touch with the team that did if you want to find out more about their research in this area.

The Close this site button feature has been added to the QGov template and can be enabled on any page across qld.gov.au. There’s also a page “tips to browse safely online” added to the site help section: https://www.qld.gov.au/help/tips-to-browse-safely-online


Hi Tracey, I’ve been in touch with Lisa to provide some info on the DFV Portal ‘Close this site’ button :slight_smile:

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User research may say they are a great idea.
However, I think they are a terrible idea. And should be avoided.

And Simon mentioned above, they may instil a false sense of security. We would hate for a user to be relying on such a button to obfuscate their browsing habits/history. Because it doesn’t.

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