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Communities of practice

Publicising the forum


I’d like to extend an invitation to this CoP to other agencies etc to at least make them aware it exist… Any ideas as to how to do that?


We found it via LinkedIn, specifically the co-lab email address as an entry point … so maybe we can all individually reach out and provide that email to others we know might be interested?

Thanks Toby!

I personally don’t use social media much (I know, unusual in this modern world!) but I am pleased to know that LinkedIn was handy in finding this forum. Does anyone know of a similar Facebook page or the like we could also advertise on?

I also support the idea of people leveraging their personal networks.

What will the process be for getting new interested parties invited to the forum?
Do we just send an email to Communities of practice, listing the names and email addresses?

Any government employees wanting to join the community can send an email to