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Communities of practice

Communities of practice

Productivity and Automation Centre of Excellence

The Productivity and Automation Centre of Excellence (PACE) team is running a community of practice for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) practitioners.

Events are held every 3 months and the next one is 7 April 2020 in Canberra and hopefully via video.

We’re changing the format this year to offer more networking time, afternoon tea and chocolate for participation. Usually lessons learnt and sharing RPA experiences still on the agenda.

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Hi Damien - I’ve had only limited exposure to RPA, and for the cases I’ve seen it used or proposed it seems like a bit of a band-aid solution that carries a risk of cementing in technical debt where are more permanent or ‘correct’ fix would have created a better long-term outcome.

Do you have any resources you can point me at that will help me to understand why RPA is the new hotness, how it is a better or more desirable alternative to solving problems than more ‘traditional’ approaches, and any guidance on when RPA is likely to be a good fit vs. situations in which it’s to be avoided?