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Communities of practice

Communities of practice

People working on projects in the healthcare sector

Looking for people who are working on projects for federal, state or council level departments or agencies to connect with and share information with. Ideally also information that can be shared in the community (e.g. research data, design concepts) so that we can all work together to improve the end product/service for the users.

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You may be interested in this initiative -

The Health Studies Australian National Data Asset (HeSANDA) program seeks to create a distributed data asset from the data outputs of health research projects, explicitly but not exclusively from the NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies - CTCS - program. This asset is designed to support further research, meta-analysis, and clinical guideline development.

ARDC is a publicly funded agency (Federal Dept of Ed), supporting publicly funded research, mainly Universities and data producing government agencies eg BOM, ABS, Geoscience Australia.


There are some really interesting information and resources here. I am wondering whether the respective organisations and agencies at federal and state level (e.g. Queensland Government Chief Information Office and their counterparts) work together with ARDC.

I am based in Melbourne and work with data.vic. ARDC has engagement staff in Qld, NSW, SA, WA, Vic capitals and Canberra. See also previous data work including national data discovery catalogue ( at See especially government agencies, ANDS worked with in Contributor’s List.


Unfortunately there weren’t many Queensland or health related departments or agencies in that list. Just wondering if this information has also been shared in the Open Data discussion forums?