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Communities of practice

Page anchor

myGov Beta component

The page anchor is a button that allows users to jump to relevant content on the current page.

This is currently used on the home page to jump to a specific carousel and skip any other carousels sitting above.

On mobile, the buttons change to a single drop down.

Rationale for submission:
Extension of Inpage nav component

UX owner: Tobias Ogle
VD owner: Rachel Bell

InVision link:

Sketch file:
DTA-26-Page anchor.sketch (2.8 MB)

No equivalent component in DTA Design System.

Isn’t this semantically just the Inpage nav component, but styled horizontally (like the existing Main nav) and with icons?

Good spot @svict4, yes this seems to be an extension of the Inpage nav component. I didn’t see that one. I’ll edit the post to mention this.

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