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Open Data Meet-up July 2018 - Request for Input

The Open Data team at the DTA is excited to announce our first Government Open Data Meet-up as part of Innovation Month 2018.

This is an opportunity for public servants (federal, state and local council) working with open data to hear what other agencies have been up to in the open data space.

Join us at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) office in your nearest capital city on Friday 20 July 2018. An invite has been posted on Eventbrite so you can reserve your place.


In the spirit of this year’s innovation month theme ‘working together’ — we want to work with our community to learn what you would like to see, hear and learn at this event.
Post your comments, suggestions and ideas on :

Speakers - We’ve put out a call for speakers, but you may know a certain someone and their project that’s perfect for this event. If you do, let us know. You can nominate using this online form or post your comments below.

Time slots - We’re aiming for 1 hour of presentations, with speakers having 5, 15 or 20 minute time slots to share their stories and ideas. We want to know if you think 1 hour is enough time to hear from your colleagues.

Networking - After presentations, we’d like to make space for attendees to chat, relax and network (and of course, have some snacks). Ideas and musings on making our network stronger are welcome.

the Open Data team @ DTA

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How keen are you all about ‘ice breaker’ activities for our networking segment?
I’m a big fan of the lock and key (usually used at dating events but way more fun / less awkward at community gatherings). It might add a fun element to afternoon tea?

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I can’t make the scheduled event on July 20 but am very keen to attend future events, how frequently are you planning to hold them?


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Hey Julian,
At the moment we’re looking at quarterly, but it’ll largely depend on demand from the community!

  • Gordon


I have nominated my team to speak at the event on Open Data Initiatives within Transport Canberra and City Service, ACT Government. Hope to see you and your team at the event.




Are you also considering holding events open to groups beyond public servants?

Victoria runs a great monthly event where open data consumers can interact with data custodians to learn about different datasets, discuss context & quality & talk about projects.

In Canberra there’s a number of passionate open data folks who now work outside government, like myself, but retain a keen interest & experience in the open data space.




Is this only for APS staff or also contractors in government roles?

I was removed from the attendee list because I used my private email address, but would I be welcome if I used my government email address, even though I’m not APS?

Hi Rooby, this event is definitely open to contractors currently working for government agencies. We’re pretty strict on personal emails so we don’t have anyone unexpected coming along who isn’t working for government. Usually we ask you to verify using your work email address, rather than simply cancelling your ticket. Can you send me your details using your work address to I’d be happy to help out :smile:

Hi Craig - absolutely! In fact, you aren’t the only one to ask this. Our team is looking into what other events we could facilitate or partner with to keep the conversation going. Are you on our mailing list? I’d love to learn more about Victoria’s monthly event. - Marita

Looking forward to seeing you Selva! :grinning::clap:t3:

I believe I’m on your mailing list :slight_smile:

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I found you while trawling it :slight_smile: I’ll certainly be in touch.