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Online payment design

Hi everyone,

I’m looking into reviewing and streamlining a number of online payment services - particularly the payment of infringements.

Does anyone have any examples of best practice or reference material?


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Sometimes it is hard to tell whether something is a good/best practice or not, because there is no way to tell what the efficiency and completion rate of the transaction is unless you are part of the team. But I thought it might be interesting to reference the example in QLD government for infringement payments (which I don’t think is terrible):

Here’s what we tell users:

The links are not to the systems but they will give you some insight in to some of the issues around receiving payments from around the world. If you want to discuss the systems with someone, PM me and I will see if I can get you the right contacts.

We too are looking at improving infringement ‘services’. To date we have not been able to locate a model for ‘best practice’ or reference material. In terms of online services, including payments, we look to FinesVic.
We are looking to introduce payment arrangements (instalments and extension of due date) before the infringement is referred to enforcement (Justice) and open to all citizens- that is, not subject to hardship criteria. The intent is to expand the range of services available as ‘digital by design.’

Hi @bree.smolinski

Is this general efficiencies or do you have a concise view of what the challenges are?
Spent a decent amount of time in payments so feel free to drop me a message if you need a hand.


Hi Arrie,

I don’t have specific challenges to address at the moment, I’m asking more for research purposes and a better understanding of the user experience with online payment systems within the government space.

If I have specific questions do arise, I’ll drop you a line!


Hi Bree,

Here are some examples I came across during a previous role:
State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER)
The payment system behind services like (from memory this also used for other service payments).

Note that DTA appear to be working on a payments system:
Maybe someone lurking the forum from DTA could chim in?

Also good to see what other countries have done: and it’s associated frontend repository

Maybe there’s something in the docs you could draw from? Particually from a user flow/FE perspective?

Maybe someone lurking the forum from DTA could chim in?