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Communities of practice

Next Meet-up and request for topics / speakers

Hello Conversational User Interface CoP!
It has been a while between meet ups. I hope everyone is well and coping ok during so much change in our current environment.
For those of you who I don’t know, I have recently returned to the DTA after working with DHS, ATO, ThinkPlace and Libraries ACT all in senior strategic design roles. Part of my role at the DTA is to help coordinate the CIU CoP.

Jamie Whitcombe and I have been having a chat and we wanted to reinvigorate the meet-ups for this group. We thought it maybe a good time to reflect on whether the COVID situation has seen an increase in interest / use of Conversational User Interfaces over this period. Also, any other learnings/updates agencies wish to share.

We know this has been a very active group in the past, so we are keen to hear what is important to you at this stage and we will design the agenda around it. Please let me know if you are keen to present at the meeting.

To kick us off we will set a 1.5 hour virtual meeting later in June. I will send a poll out to identify the best date for the majority of people. Looking forward to meeting you soon.