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Migrating website branding guidelines for the "Australian Government Design" and "Agency Design" to



This guidance currently resides on the DTA’s corporate website alongside other guidance pertaining to mandatory requirements for Australian Government websites.

The existing header component makes reference to the Commonwealth Coat of Arms (with a supplied example using the Australian Government Design (inline)), but no further guidance is provided or linked to regarding the specific implementation of the design.

The Design System and DTA corporate website teams are currently considering how best to include references to the implementation of the Australian Government Design (“the Design”) and the Agency Design in the Design System. Current options under consideration include:

  1. Link directly to the existing website branding advice on the DTA corporate website, with additional links to the PM&C branding advice.
  2. Include implementation advice in an existing component (for example, header).
  3. Create a new Design System component .
  4. Create a dedicated guidance page (not a ‘component’) on
  5. Do nothing.
  6. Do something else (suggestions welcome below).

This proposal does not include any significant modifications to the guidance as published, save for minor updates to the resolution of the supplied PSD files and updating references.



I’m inclined to go with option one. You sometimes have to refer people to the branding guidance who have no need or interest to view the design system and it would only confuse them.

However, it might be worth including a bit of relevant implementation advice specific to that component’s requirements within the design system.


Thanks for your response, @brett.sargeant -

You sometimes have to refer people to the branding guidance who have no need or interest to view the design system

The website branding guidance (as currently written) is primarily intended for designers of agency, product/policy/program, ministerial and mobile websites, applications and intranets.

Which roles in your agency would only be interested in the website branding guidance, but not other elements of the design system? What problems would they be attempting to address by only looking at the branding advice?

I’m trying to determine if there are different audiences for the website branding advice and the broader design system, and what those different needs might be.


Generally someone higher up who wants to do something different to what is allowed in either a print document or website.