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Communities of practice

Meet-ups - Proposed changes to how we do things

Hey There Community,

Your humble facilitators would like to know your thoughts about changing how we do meet-ups.

Time is precious, and interacting with a screen is not the same as face to face.
We propose the following changes;

  • Instead of 1.5 hours, duration is shortened to 1 hour.
  • Instead of 1 to 4 guest speakers, we have 2 dedicated speakers each meet-up.
  • Instead of different lengths of time per speaker, the hour is broken up into x4, 15 minute sections to keep the party popping and plenty of time left for discussion and questions.

What do you think? The below poll will close on Friday 25 September at 5pm AEST.

  • Yes! Let’s try it
  • No thanks, let’s keep it the same

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You can also vote on your preferred date and time for the next meet-up here;

Marita, Jamie & Clement :smiley:

Yes, lets do the 1 hour

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