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Map NCC Climate Zones to Australian Postcodes


I’m trying to map the 8 NCC Climate zones ( to Australian Postcodes. Someone has suggested to me that I could use the NatHERS Climate Zones, but that’s too granular for this project.

East Gippsland for example, has 3 different zones. 6, 7 and 8. This isn’t helpful for someone searching by their postcode.

The NatHERS map is from ~2013:
But the Postcode data is from 2019:

Regardless, all you need is some polygons of those regions. You could try contacting YourHome, they must have the polygons somewhere to generate that map. Dump those into NationalMap with Postcodes and you’re g2g.

You could also taking the climate map, geo-referencing it and overlay a postcode layer.

Email me if you’d like further help :slight_smile:

That’s the thing. NatHERS is too granular. I like the 8 climate zones of the climate map as this simplifies the project. But those climate zones are based on the LGA. And even then, some LGAs have multiple climate zones. If I could get the climate zone (or workout how each zone is generated) then I’d get a more accurate representation of the climate in that particular postcode.