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Please provide any feedback for the Keyword List component.

You can also view the component page on our documentation site for the Keyword List component.


We’re curious how the community would feel about deprecating and removing this component from the system all together?

I know first-hand that it originated from a pretty specific need during previous work on Which means it doesn’t meet the new requirements for a component to be included in the system, particularly the Useful requirement.

But we are reluctant to deprecate it without further feedback from from the group around whether or not people are using it, or if there is potential value in it?


This shared information from Google’s community education projects highlights the need for this feature. The feature is useful, if you choose to assess the usefulness or user uptake in dev/design for projects. Assess also, why no use? Is there a need to give the ease of implementing this a boost?, rethink the way you emphasis text, or content? People are conditioned to see blue hyperlinks as important, or important enough to warrant there one page. Hope this is relevant


Thanks for sharing @DavidRivers :slightly_smiling_face:

This shared information from Google’s community education projects highlights the need for this feature.

Do you have any links or screenshots for these Google community education projects? We would love to see either:

  • examples of a similar component/pattern being used on a live site.
  • examples of the keyword list component being used on projects based on the design system

Rethink the way you emphasis text, or content?

This could be interesting! Right now, the repeated phrases are in smaller text. Did you have any suggestions on how this could be changed to provide more value to the end users?



@DavidRivers It’s an old post, but as I recall the consideration for it’s depreciation was less around it’s function; and more that it should be trivial for someone to implement on their own with styles from Core or Body. In comparison to the maintenance of the component and all the associated documentation, it might not be worth it?


I would opt for universal elements especially when they relate to highlighting important ideas or key understandings in text. (hyperlink is the norm, so no components required)

However, also I acknowledge that I am not in your and others position of 'knee deep" in such a complex and massive undertaking and actually, I apologise, just a thread that got my attention. Just a student of design with an appreciation of developments in the Web world wide.

I have navigated stress inducing websites and I have seen the amazing work being done and know the people involved here are super talented, so please forgive.

Example of Australian Gov Digital Transformation I love below

Registering a business name | ASIC - Australian Securities and …

Business Registration Service

Thanks for the follow up with me for this treb


@DavidRivers no apologies needed… It’s all constructive stuff. :+1:


Thanks Treb, your a gem.

Please stand by…
I am aware that I am, by design often out of synch with social norms.
Something I work on but it’s harder to be aware of breaking unspoken rules in an online forum.

So, once again thanks for being wise and kind