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Communities of practice

January 2019 update


Hi Open Data community,

We wanted to let you know about some of the work the DTA Open Data team has been doing, and what is just around the corner:

Within the next fortnight, will become the new homepage for Open Data at the federal level.

Since June 2018, we have redirected 40% of our visitors from to, so a lot of people have seen the new site already.

In this time, we have been watching closely for any major problems, and now that we are confident that all of the critical issues have been resolved, it is time to make the switchover.

What will happen?

When you visit the homepage of, you will be redirected to

If you visit a page within, e.g. from a search result or a bookmark, we will redirect you to the corresponding page on

What does this mean for you?


There are no changes to the publishing process.

If you are publishing manually, you will still log in to the site to edit your datasets and resources.

If is harvesting your data, this will continue as normal.

However, the interface that you use to publish will be given a fresh coat of paint using the Australian Government Design System, matching the new look of


Your experience will now take place entirely on You will be able to use the brand new search and visualisation interfaces, as well as tools for reporting site and data quality issues and requesting new datasets.

We will have redirections in place for many existing URLs, but please update your bookmarks.

API Consumers

There are no changes to the way that you currently consume data from

A new API is available on, but does not completely replace the CKAN API at this time.


If you notice any issues with the site, or if you have questions or suggestions, please get in contact with us via the Feedback form on

User research

We are looking for people to help us improve the open data experience in Australia.

If you are involved with open data, perhaps as a producer, publisher or consumer, we would love to know more about your experiences with the site, and to talk about your work outside of

We are currently conducting a round of user interviews, and will share back the findings from that process with the community via and the community of practice.

File format cleanup

To improve the discoverability of data, we have started to clean up duplicate file formats that are published on For example, “csv” and “.csv” will become “csv”.

This will be an ongoing process for each of the file formats, but we hope that it will result in a cleaner experience for publishers and consumers.

What is coming in 2019

This year, we are planning to:

  • Revisit the Government Open Data Meet-up - we had 300 people register for the one in August 2018 and we would love to hold the next one in the first half of this year.
  • Discover more of your needs and pain points through regular user research
  • Continue to develop the platform to give you the best possible experience with open data and
  • Be more open and transparent about our work
    • Each fortnight we will be posting openly about our sprint goals, the reasoning behind them and how we went in the previous sprint
    • We will be publishing summaries and findings from our user research
    • This will all happen on the Community of Practice, so if you would like to have a conversation, or give us feedback, please register for an account

What next?

:heart: The Open Data Team @ DTA