Is there a team focused on creating an education platform for Australian business owners?

Is there a team focused on creating an education platform for Australian business owners?

An example of what I mean, super improvement.
This kind of thing can produce exponential improvement in lives and in the economy

There is a need to promote this kind of new education, I am aware that for example NEIS program providers were not updated about this resource

Hi @DavidRivers not that I know of off the top of my head.

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The Australian Government Business Website has a page on Explore your training options. As well as free and low cost online courses, there is a lionk to the National Register on Vocational Education and Training lists 84 qualifications, and 172 units of competency with “business” in the name. This provides a useful balance of quick, easy, cheap help, and more in-depth training.

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Hi David, my name is Chloe, I’m the Product Owner for the website that you’ve linked above. Thanks for the positive feedback about our Starting a Business Guide!

When updates are made to the site, we share them on our own channels, including the newsletter, our social media followers and with other business-related government agencies. These include the ATO, ASIC, the Department of Jobs and Small Business and our state-based business stakeholders who talk to businesses on the ground. We also reach out to other media platforms and business influencers to get them to help us spread the word about the new tools and resources.

The team also put a lot of energy into ensuring that the site has strong SEO, so that those searching in google (e.g. ‘starting a business in Australia’) can find us easily.

Thanks for highlighting that NEIS providers would also benefit from receiving these updates. We have added them onto our contacts list!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have other feedback to pass on:



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Hello Chloe

Sorry for the belated reply, my email has had issues, I also was not able to login for a while.

Very much appreciate the reply. The website is so immensely helpful.

Suggestion shared below related to SEO
This maybe too “outside-of-the-orthodox-box” but I shall share just incase its relevant or helpful

You could ask GoDaddy to link to it for all Australians registering and other TLCDs (Top level country domains for Australia)
With their big spending on Australian advertising on Youtube, the Home and Away actor is their Aussie mascot, they would be very likely to grant this.

I think I should have clarified, I did mean to say “Digital Education” aka Digital Skills, for the Digital Era