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Is my agency ready for open data?



Are you or your team new to open data? Do you want to publish your data but don’t know where to start?
The Open Data Institute (ODI) is an international non-profit that has a lot of online tools and resources for those new to open data. My favourite is the pathway tool, which helps you realise your data maturity level and set goals for data releases:

If you know of any helpful and easy to use resources out there our community would like, feel free to share in a reply.


I should mention, the full suite of ODI’s tools, including a checker for your CSV files, can be found here;


Hi, I’d like to second Marita’s comment. Transport in Main Roads in QLD has used the Pathways tool to baseline our publishing maturity in 2015 and to develop our forward action plan. We’ve then re-assessed ourselves last year to test our approach and revise our plan. We’ve found the underlying framework exceptionally useful as both a framework to prioritise areas of improvement and as a vehicle to discuss progress with our internal leadership.
We’ve published our results and supporting commentary as open datasets if anyone is interested in what this looks like -

Happy to discuss if anyone had any questions, we’ve had nothing but positive experiences in both using this tool and in working with the ODI.


Thanks Dave for sharing! Awesome meeting you on Friday btw :smile:


Likewise! =)