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Communities of practice

Inbox - Individual email

myGov Beta component

This component is used specifically for the authenticated Inbox. It displays on a new page after a user clicks on an email row in the ‘Email list’.

There are 3 sections in an individual email:

  • Header - includes member service label, subject heading, time and date, and if applicable, attachments
  • Body - Body content of email
  • External links - List of associated external links

From the individual email page, users can go back to Inbox or move or delete the email. On mobile, the ‘move’ and ‘delete’ actions can be found in the ‘Actions (kebab) menu’ titled ‘More’.

Rationale for submission:
No equivalent component in DTA Design System.

UX owner: Alvin Soh
VD owner: Rachel Bell

InVision link:



Sketch file:
DTA-18-23-27-Inbox components.sketch (3.3 MB)