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Inbox - Folders

myGov Beta component

Folders are used specifically for the authenticated Inbox.

On desktop, the folders are stacked as a list on the left-hand side of the email list as part of an overall container.

On mobile, the folders are hidden by default in an accordion above the email list. When the accordion is open, the folders push the email list down the page.

Primary folders are Inbox and Trash. New folders and subfolders can be added using the ‘Create a new folder’ button.

Rationale for submission:
No equivalent component in DTA Design System.

UX owner: Alvin Soh
VD owner: Rachel Bell

InVision link:



Sketch file:
DTA-18-23-27-Inbox components.sketch (3.3 MB)

So are these email folders that are nested? How many layers deep would they go?

Hi @guiseppe. These were designed to reflect the same functionality as the current myGov, which allows for a maximum of 5 folders (excluding Inbox and Trash) and a maximum of 3 subfolders per folder. There are only 2 layers deep maximum (folder and subfolder).