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Inbox - Actions (kebab) menu

myGov Beta component

This component is currently used in authenticated Inbox. It is used for actions on ‘Folders’ and ‘Individual email’ (mobile only).

On hover, a white background appears behind the 3 dots (kebab) icon with a native text label ‘More’. On focus/when the menu is open, a blue border appears around the white background.

On hover of an action item, there is a pale blue background and the item label is underlined.

On mobile for an ‘Individual email’, the ‘move’ and ‘delete’ actions can be found in the actions menu titled ‘More’.

Rationale for submission:

Extension of ‘Link list’.

This component would be useful for other areas and not just tied to Inbox. e.g. It could be used on a card component if extra actions are available in addition to a primary action but do not need to be visible all at once.

UX owner: Alvin Soh
VD owner: Rachel Bell

InVision link:



Sketch file:
DTA-18-23-27-Inbox components.sketch (3.3 MB)