In-language content pattern when updating translated resources

Hi everyone,

At the Department of Health we have been dealing with a lot of translated resources. We had an issue when translated versions of important documents inevitably lagged behind the English version when updates were made.

We commissioned translations of the following content pattern in 63 languages:

We are updating this content. Please check back later. In the meantime, please see the current English version.

We use this pattern in the summary and description of the publication entry for the translated resource, while we wait for the updated files.

Our technical lead said it could be possible in govCMS to create a paragraph or a block that automatically outputs this in the appropriate language, given that each publication entry has metadata identifying the language it is in.

I have permission to share this for all of you to use. It’s attached here as:

  • Word – for easy copying and pasting. However, sometimes the fonts don’t display properly in everyone’s Word.
  • PDF – shows you what the fonts should look like.

I have a zip file of some fonts that might help when viewing the Word doc, but can’t upload that here. Feel free to contact me if you’d like it, and I’ll email it to you.

Translated pattern_We are updating this content.pdf (819.3 KB)
Translated pattern_We are updating this content.docx (40.4 KB)


Please send me the zip!

This is very useful, thank you!

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Hello Jen, are you happy for me to distribute this notice across my agency?

Yes, please do. I have permission to share with other government departments and agencies.