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Would love to have a standardised driver’s licence/18+ card/passport component, as so many Depts. request this information, especially if no information has been pre-authenticated through

My preference would to see something similar to Jesse Pollak’s Card or React Credit Cards. I imagine it’ll look something similar to the card component.

USI has a handy image list of all of the driver’s licences types. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to obtain an SVG of each time or otherwise mockup one for the purposes of this component.

If component this is done right, it could be applied to Medicare cards/Student IDs/generic government IDs.

From a backend perspective, could suggest a standard/example implementation into DVS as further reading.

Document Verification Service (DVS)

Thanks for the suggestion.
We have patterns and SVGs for Drivers Licences (all states), medicare cards (all colours), passports, and ImmiCards. I think they’re all the government IDs that have a standard format. The others (birth cert, marriage cert, citizenship cert etc) all vary depending on year and state so are not easily componentised. If such a word exists.

These responsive patterns were created after months of design and research on an Identity proofing system, and were fully integrated with DVS.

Here’s 2 examples:


These look great, @JaneC - are there URLs where these can be implementations can be seen in public?


There’s no public implementation of these. These were built as part of the Identity work done last year.
Here’s a few more of the identity doc implementations. If anyone wants the SVGs I can send them as a zip file with some rationale as to why they were implemented that way.