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How to SQL Query the ASIC Company Dataset

Does anyone know how to limit the ASIC Company Dataset response using an SQL query?

The API example is shown below, but the browser response is that TITLE is not a valid column :-

Query example (via SQL statement) * from "cb7e4eb5-ed46-4c6c-97a0-4532f4479b7d" WHERE title LIKE 'jones'

I’ve tried using ACN instead of TITLE - but get the same sort of error * from “cb7e4eb5-ed46-4c6c-97a0-4532f4479b7d” WHERE acn LIKE ‘610861044’

From the CKAN documentation :
When source data columns (i.e. CSV) heading names are provided in all UPPERCASE you need to double quote them in the SQL select statement to avoid returning null results.

eg WHERE “ACN”=’???’