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Have your say / consultations template


Can we have a template design for consultations such as this:

and perspective pages:

@toby.bellwood do you have this Drupal 7 + GovCMS custom Have Your Say module by any chance - that we can use?


Wow that’s a beautiful built site. Looks like it was built with Drupal 7 + GovCMS using a custom Have Your Say module. Ping @toby.bellwood as the theme maybe uploaded somewhere

Good timing as we have our own bespoke consultations platform at also built on Drupal 7 that we’re redeveloping. Don’t look to it for design inspirations though haha.


Thanks, I believe it is. We’ve just updated the APRA website with Drupal 7 but it needs more work. I’m trying to find the best solution to do it in-house or if we can have the template design available here.


The theme for the Comms website is available on GitHub, along with the consultation module.


The templates we will provide will likely be barebones and allow you to modify them with the content to solve your problem. Right now we are focusing on a basic page with header, footer, main menu, sidebar and body content. We will probably do a homepage template soon after.

Thanks @podgkin for the relevant links related to that piece of work :smiley:


@CariaW - sorry for the late step in, but @podgkin covered it - that functionality on the comms website was provided by the consultation module (along with a couple of other websites around the place). Happy to take any questions (i’m no expert on the module itself, but can probably help find the solution)


@Toby.bellwood - I’m new to government so still learning how things are done, the processes and how to get a hold of the module. I’ve passed on the good news.


@podgkin thank you