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Communities of practice

Has anyone noticed the Terms?


So I’m now analysing 30 or so CoPs for another part of the EU Commission and thought I’d return here and take another look. And clicked on ‘Terms of Service’ from .

The hyperlink ( redirects to

Shouldn’t the Australian government have its own Terms?



Hi @MathewLowry -

The link to the DiscourseHosting Terms of Service is required as part of this Community of Practice using a Discourse-hosted instance of the platform. As the curator for these communities of practice, the DTA has elected not to operate a self-hosted instance of Discourse at this time.

We’ve retained a link to the Discourse ToS to ensure participants are aware of the broader issues associated with using a service hosted by an external, overseas provider before choosing to participate.

This is similar to other subscription-based third-party services procured by the DTA for broader use by Australian government users (for example, the whole-of-government Google Analytics 360 contract).

The ‘FAQ’ page at describes a ‘Code of Conduct’ for members, moderators and admins within the community, and is openly discussed at: