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Grid 12

Please provide any feedback for the Grid 12 component.

You can also view the component page on our documentation site for the Grid 12 component.

Hi - we’ve raised an issue over at around the inheritance of the .au-grid class when extending - happy to discuss if you want?

A small update, but worth sharing:

We’ve added full-width examples for grid-12 (along with the header and footer components) to make it easier to see how the component behaves in context.

Any chance of supporing the bootstrap 4 styles of just ‘col’ instead of needing to specify col size in the grid. Eg I have 8 columns, the first column I want ‘col-md-2’, but the remaining 7 columns I just want ‘col’ so that the width is distributed evenly of the remaining 11 of the 12 grid columns.

Maybe already there and I missed it?

I meant remaining 10 columns…

Hey @woj unfortunately this is something we can’t support. That feature is a new feature of bootstrap 4 that uses flex box.

You can read more about it here:

Our components need to be able to work in older browsers like IE8.

Thanks Alex, wasn’t suggesting doing it the same way bootstrap does it…

It can be done without flex, but understand if you don;t think the investment is worth it (and that you don’t want to use JavaScript).

Better to wait for older browser versions to fade out.

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I think it’s a valid idea. An option in the future may be creating a different grid called grid-flex that doesn’t have the same level of browser support as the grid-12 component.

Hey friends,

We have had some great feedback about the use of the bootstrap 3 grid and how the grid sizes do not align to he media query breakpoints.

Would anyone be happy or frustrated by changing the grid sizes to a bootstrap 4 grid ( not including flexbox ). This would make them consistent with the breakpoints, however it may also be frustrating for existing users of the grid.

If we don’t get any feedback on this, we will leave it as is for the time being as it would be a breaking change for many people using the design system.

This has been raised on GitHub by alan-cole:


IE8? Really? Are the browser stats for users of Aust gov sites significantly different from general browser stats? The latter indicate that usage of IE9 and below is hovering near zero - perhaps .2%. Also - there are flexbox polyfills for IE8 and 9. We used one successfully at my last job.