Formats and checksums for various Government identifiers

Howdy folks, I would really love a central repository (cue of formats and checksums for various identifiers. Example implementations would be beneficial too.

A few commonly used strings come to mind:

  • Centrelink CRN
  • Medicare Provider Number
  • Medicare Number
  • Tax File Number
  • Passport Number
  • Australian Company Number
  • Licence numbers for each of the states/territories

Now I totally understand that there is no substitute for sending the data to a Document Verification Service such as what Australia Post provides. But I’m thinking more in terms of performing client-side validation.

Some literature already exists all over the place. Whether that be buried deep in Government functional specs, on a different Department’s website, on some random Github repo, StackOverflow snippets, or on blogs (shout out to Guy Carpenter who has collected a few samples already).

I’d be happy to start gathering some snippets and information in a repo of my own, but it would have to be donated to in order to give it any weight, and for visibility to those in Govt. who know the real implementation details.

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