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Communities of practice

Form page


A generic form page. This is a work in progress and requires more accessibility features.


Nice and simple - good.


Thanks @guiseppe, you can view the work in progress here:

We just shipped an alpha for our templates that can be seen here:


Fantastic work on releasing new templates, I can foresee these being very useful. Congratulations to the team and the contributors :+1:

For the form template, It might be valuable to provide examples of how various validations are expected to be handled. Both inline validation, and server-side/page alerts.

UK’s Design System has excellent examples and docs for both, that don’t rely solely on colour (WCAG 1.4.1) which I would recommend as reference:

I’m also pretty sure @Alzbeta might have access to early GovAU concepts for form validation, or some of my old work-in-progress Sketch-files for how we might add icons for lower literacy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Good work so far!


Thanks @treb, we are going to plan the next six months and the form template and missing components will definitely be included.

I will touch base with @Alzbeta as well!