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Feedback on custom color palette developer experience


Choosing the colors: basic 4 but then consider a11y of others based on warnings. Would help to have some instructions on how to generate a page like if not an online tool

Make sure you assert colors before importing core sass - we were accidentally importing our sass/css multiple times which required some refactoring of our existing code to stop doing that. We didn’t notice this performance bug before.

Don’t use ES5 compiled react components, you need to use “raw” javascript via Pancake. For Create React App, this means you need to change the pancake folder to be inside src/ for relative imports to be allowed. There probably could be an option to pancake to provide… raw pancakes? for the react components. Also the react components don’t meet the standard eslint code style rules from create-react-app - mostly importing stuff that isn’t used. We just excluded the pancake folder from our code style checks.


Thanks for the feedback @asadleir!

We do have a ticket for us to create a technical article on how to use the colour system. I’ll link back to your feedback to make sure it’s considered when we start drafting the article.

Pagey is on leave this week, but when he’s back he might have thoughts on the technical aspects of your feedback.


@asadleir We have some ideas for a way to do something like you are talking about for our template section. However this is a long way off unfortunately.